Thousands of people residing legally in the United States cannot travel to Mexico.  People with "DACA," people with cases pending before U.S. immigration courts, people on parole -- if people like these have relatives in Mexico who can't get a visa to come to the United States, Friendship Park becomes the only place they can see their loved ones in the flesh. 

The word we most often hear from families who meet at Friendship Park is "agridulce" ... bittersweet.  People are sad only to touch fingertips through the metal mesh that covers the border wall at Friendship Park, and someday we trust people from both nations will be able to gather at this historic location without a wall between them, as is the case at several binational parks between the U.S. and Canada. 


But for now families who gather at Friendship Park are also very happy to be reunited with their family after years -- or even decades -- of separation. For some these trips represent a once-in-a-lifetime time opportunity for family reunification.


Here are just a few stories.